Slainte Va

Dulverton 2010

"What started as a bit of fun after school for some musically minded teachers has developed into a lot of fun over a number of years now. Slainte Va (cheers in Gaelic) have been playing Ceilidh’s and concerts in all sorts of venues, mainly on the Isle of Wight, for 4 years.
We sing traditional Irish and Scottish songs, play dances, reels, jigs and an unusual blend of modern songs that take our fancy, including Lindisfarne, Bob Dylan, Nanci Griffiths and the Pogues!

Our sound blends fiddle, mandola, guitar, flute and bodran with voices. We have recorded 2 CD’s of our favourite songs and instrumentals.  The band consists of the following:

•    David Weatherston – founder, mentor, guide to all things Irish and Scottish and singer in the style of Ronnie Drew.
•    Barry Penn – guitarist and sweet-sounding vocalist, who is still teaching at Ryde School
•    Peter Johnson – treasurer and band nag, who plays mandolin, mandola and sings (thankfully not like Bob Dylan, whose songs he is constantly trying to get the
      band to try), who is also teaching at Ryde
•    Andy Grubb – musical supremo, who fiddles mostly and sings a little, knows all about the notes and also teaches at Ryde
•    Rachel Tweddle – another musically educated teacher, who sings rather beautifully and also teaches at Ryde
•    Kevin Burke –  our only true Irish born and bred member in the band. Kelvin is a talented bodran, harmonica player and singer, who can also turn his hand to guitar when needed.
     He joined the band in 2011 and is making a big impact with his bodran playing. Kelvin doesn’t teach at Ryde and is in fact a Chaplain at the Hospital in Newport.
•    Alan Dyson – plays guitar and sings, who has joined us more recently upon retiring to the lovely Isle of Wight
We are a mixed bunch, who love making music together and enjoy nothing more than sharing it with folk."

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